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4Africa is an organisation located in Mutungo Kampala and was founded by three Norwegian ladies. It aims to improve the conditions for  poor and HIV/AIDS positive Ugandan women.

Our vision:

Sustainable improved life conditions for poor HIV/AIDS positive women.

Our mission:

To establish long-term profitable value chains, based on production in Uganda, in partnership with local community based groups and organisations.


For the Project:

  • To distribute our products through out the world.
  • To be economically viable and self sustained.

For the Women:

  • Continuous work related education and training for a steady predictable income.
  •  A steady flow of production.
  • Develop basic business skills
  • Personal development  and growth

Join the ladies as they go through their activities at 4africa and see how their lives have be affected.




Joy 4Africa Nursery and Day Care Centre opened officially as a Nursery school on 22 nd February 2016. From 2013 it was run like a small Daycare center. The school started with 11 children from 4Africa and 4 from the neighbouring community. It was established to enable 4Africa women to efficiently and effectively concentrate on work while their children young children and those who have reached a nursery going age can have a place to attain formal education/learning. 4Africa children are sponsored by “The Sommerstad Family” and Hannes Lekestue from Norway.

Joy 4Africa is headed by a Director, “Irene Victoria Muwanguzi”, the head teacher, “Phoebe Namugaya and other facilitators, Doreen Nakalanzi, Jesca Nabasirye, Rebecca Nanyonga, Prossy Nakasi who engage in the daily activities with the children to ensure safety and child
development at the centre.

Joy 4Africa comprises of two sections: – The Day care Centre which is designed to cater for specific requirements of babies, toddlers and kids under three years of age. It is furnished and well maintained with clean beddings, play facilities among others. It also comprises of the Nursery and pre-primary section. This admits children from 3 to 5 years old. The classes are small to give full attention to the child and this enables the teacher to capture the child’s potential. The school is equipped with materials and educative toys for all age groups and there is ample and comfortable rest space indoors and out door. The centre also ensures nutritious meals to the children that enhance their growth.

The centre opens from 7:00am to 5:00pm and parents who wish to take their nursery children at 12:30pm and allowed to do so. Joy 4Africa appreciates The Sommerstad family and Hannes Lekestue for bringing joy to the women and their children at 4Africa.



4Africa, Uganda:

Dorothy Adima

Admin. coordinator/ manager
Mobile: +256 774 749 543 / +256 705 487 480

Olivia Rena Nantongo

Ass. Admin. coordinator/ manager
Mobile: +256 705 729 995

4Africa, Norway:

Elin Zenker Aune

Mobile: +47 913 79 179

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