Design is Everything


We started the new year in 4Africa by receiving a visit from Maren Moe Stokke all the way from Norway. It is only four months since the last time she was here. She is a clever designer who has been working with us in design development of jewelry products for a week. We are very proud to collaborate with her.


The first time Maren visited 4Africa, she got an introduction of how to make paper beads. One of the ladies took her through the process step by step; cutting, rolling, gluing and varnishing. This time, however, Maren was the one to introduce ladies to new ways of making use of the traditional techniques. Together they experimented different paper sizes. The new sized beads were tested in existing products, as well as new designs.

maren-week11 maren-week12

There is no limit of imagination when we are working on new designs. Creativity and curiosity are the main ingredients to be used in the process. All kinds of materials and different possibilities deserve a try. The ideas are reaching new heights when Africans and Scandinavians are putting their heads together. Why not explore the possibility in leather? What about cow horn? And clay beads? Or metal, maybe?

maren-week1 maren-week2

A week is not too much, so time was used efficiently the days Maren was around. Even the very last day in Uganda before she left for Norway, Maren and some members from 4Africa went to Makerere University in order to learn more about metal. Teacher Dorah showed her portfolio and displayed different samples of what can be done.


The outcome of our design week will still remain a secret for some time, but we can reveal to you that we do not only have one new concept in mind. Fireworks of spectacular new jewelry are in store this summer!


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