At the end of March, Co-founders Elin Aune and Mona Rege came for a visit. They brought Us donations from Norway of clothing and purses. We used the clothing donation to host a market. The market was open to all people involved with in 4Africa. The anticipation of getting a good bargain was very high. Everyone involved was very excited and in great spirit.The bags and purses were the most popular and competition for them was very strong. Even the boys of 4Africa were involved in bargaining.

The proceeds of the market sale will go towards raising money for Women and 4Africa staff events. In the past, some of our outings have been Christmas party outings and the World AIDS Day event. These events are highlights for every participant.


Approximately 28 members participated in the market.


This is Shukran, one of the daycare children.


Florence(daycare facilitator) is so happy to show off her new bargain handbag.


Peter and Espen looking very good in their new clothes.

April will be a very productive month for 4Africa, Women and staff have been very busy. Watch out for our next post.

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