In our mind, the word «home» evokes a lot of emotions. Probably you will find a hundreds of different explanations if you ask people what «home» means to them. However, most of us have an understanding of a home as a dear place where we belong. And with this common saying “East or West, Home is Best”

Last week we were so lucky to be invited to Jalia’s home. She is one of the beaders in 4Africa and has been part of the project for a long time. Together with her two children, Line one of the Norwegian founders went for the home visit accompanied by Hassan (a Ugandan interpreter) and Julie (a volunteer from Norway who took the pictures).


Jalia was already waiting in the courtyard by the time we arrived. She welcomed and introduced us to her aunt who apportioned her shelter on the same plot of land.



After a while we were led outside to a one roomed house in the backyard where Jalia stays with her four children, one boy and three girls.




There were several strings with blue paper beads hanging around the bed pole. Jalia told us how she always continues her work up to 02.00am every day after work at 4Africa.

In order to provide for her family, Jalia wakes up early in the morning at around 05:00am to make mandazis and samosas (typical Ugandan snacks you can buy alongside the road). Before she leaves for work she drops the snacks in a small shop where they sell it for her and by 09.00am she reports to work at 4Africa.



One of the girls in the house served us with Jack Fruit while we were talking to her mother. Jalia loves her work and is very happy to be part of 4Africa, she said. She also shared some of her thoughts about how we can develop the work of the organisation.


It is a good thing to get to know the people you are working with. It gives you a new understanding when you see where they live and listen to what they have to tell.


Thanks to Jalia for her hospitality and honesty!


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