The staff at for Africa make it a point to make house calls to the ladies who work at for Africa.
This is in an effort to monitor progress in know how best to further help the ladies.


With home visits, expect a wide felt smile especially from the needy and knowing that some one out there cares for them! Eline Amarorwot one of the day care center child was burnt with hot water. It was a painful situation that even the local medical treatment that the mother could afford did not improve the situation.

Due to the incident, Okello Lillian could not come to work since she had to nurse her child at home.

Line Svingen one of 4Africa Co-founder with Ogaba Florence, the daycare leader visited Lillian at her home.She took with them, Medicine that is medical ointment for the wound and also daily necessities for use. And with in days, Lillian was back to work and Eline(the child) was taken back to the daycare center.

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