Power supply, Security Measures & 4Africa car

Trolltech Foundation is a Norwegian non-profit charitable foundation which aims to help people in developing areas of the world. We have been privileged as an organisation to be one of the beneficiaries of this foundation. Great impact has been realised with the installation of the Solar panel to reduce on the utility bills in case power is off. The Generator which is helpful in the production of products since power supply from the solar can not accommodate the machines. The Installation of electric razor wires for safety and security purposes at the premises and acquisition of 4Africa car which has eased the transport means of our ladies, now they arrive to work at the expected time and this has also enhanced their income in a positive way. All this is accredited to the Trolltech Foundation for the support towards the 4Africa.

generator4 generator11 img_4915 img_4917 img_5081 img_5090 img_5094 img_5088

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