Welcome, Espen and Hanna!


Espen with baby Elyn at the 4Africa Day Care centre in Mutungo. The two have already become good friends!

Two weeks ago, two new volunteers joined our house in Mutungo, Kampala. Espen Bolghaug (25) and Hanna Sommerstad (25) will both be staying in Mutungo for six weeks, working with the management, the Day Care centre and with tutoring some of the Ladies in English and personal economics, among other tasks.



Here is Hanna and Nakamya at the 4Africa Day Care centre. At first, the kids were a little scared of the Norwegians with their pale skin, but they quickly warmed up to our new volunteers.

Espen has a master’s degree in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. Hanna has a master’s in Political Communications from Goldsmiths University of London.

They are both very excited about the opportunity to be working as volunteers for 4Africa, especially as they get to work in their respective fields of expertise and hence gaining important work experience.



Hanna Sommerstad and Espen Bolghaug in 4Africa’s office in Mutungo.


We are very happy to have two new people to help us out, especially now that our previous volunteer, Julie Kirkeng, has left for Norway.

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